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Watcha think of my new author bio and photo?

Diana Graves was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest.  For her love of great coffee and rain, she remains there.  She has always found the Seattle/ Tacoma area inspirational; a unique mix of horror and glamour, of slums and greatness.  The history is both dark and uplifting.  The buildings are both awe-inspiring and devastated by years of neglect.  Its vast expanses of thick wilderness breeds fanciful wonderment while the huge cities clinging to the coastline won’t let you forget the modern world.   Always the artist, painting and drawing was her medium of choice until she discovered the written world’s ability to delve ever deeper into the human psyche.  A self proclaimed control freak, Diana does all her editing, formatting and cover design for her books. Besides writing, Diana has a full time job, a beautiful baby girl and an adoring husband. 

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Again, I sat down at the computer tonight and I had really no idea what to write.  I had very little time and no real direction...but I think this chapter is a good one. I like the backstory into Jensen's character and I like the forshadowing into chapter five..Oh, what will next week bring? I have almost no clue...but there will be blood, Oh, yes, there will be blood, AND ZOMBIES!

Chapter Four:

     JENSEN stood as I moved into the room.  My hand was still tight around Derek’s arm.  Jensen was giving everyone his best ‘good old boy’ smile, but between the fear in my eyes and the deep frown on my face, not to mention Derek and Pane’s new hostile postures, Nana seemed to have gotten the clue that something wasn’t right, because before anyone could say another word she pulled a gun out from a cabinet and pointed at Jensen.
     “Wow, wow,” Jensen said with a voice just dripping with patronizing fret.  His sandy-brown hair was a mess and his clothes were ripped and bloody from fighting the zombies, yet he still exuded authority, like his father. 
     Everything about him, from his height to his handsome face, from his likeable voice to his kind brown eyes told you to trust him, to follow him.  That would not be wise.  When it came to his fellow man, he was like a boy with a magnifying-glass.  He liked to get you under his control and then push you to the point of your death or the death of your blood innocents.   I watched him take a father under his wing once.  He came off all ‘brothers in arms’ bull shit, swapping horror stories.  But he quickly turned the man against his wife and kids.  I watched Jensen poison his mind with thoughts of male dominance and the innate evil of women, and spoiled children.  The man came into the church a loving father, scared for his beautiful family, who had made it this long in our devastated world, and within a couple of weeks he was whoring his wife out to Jensen and the other men, to rape and beat as they liked.  He sent his sons to Fin’s room to learn to be men.   I don’t even want to say what he did to his little girl, but  about a week before I made my escape he woke the entire compound with his screams.  He’d gagged her and did things that could not be undone to her little body, only afterward realizing the monster he’d become.  He was hung that morning, and we feasted that night.
     Jensen didn’t look scared as he stood with a gun in his face.  He looked calm and almost amused. “Let’s just all calm down,” he said, playing the reasonable one.
     “Nan, put the gun away!” shouted Will, as he stood up beside Jensen. 
     Gerald said nothing and he made no obvious move, but his right hand was tucked deep between the couch cushions.
     “Step away from the couch, Mister,” Nana said.
     “Or what?  For what reason do you point your gun at me?” Jensen asked, and his voice and face said two things that his words didn’t.  They said that she was being a stupid woman and that even though she had the gun, he was in charge here.  He was the sort of person who was always in charge, even at a stranger’s home.
     “Don’t push me boy.  I know trouble when I see trouble.  I’m no fool.”
     “You didn’t have a problem with me earlier,” and he turned and looked right at me.  “Has she been telling lies?” he asked them, referring to me with an incline of his head in my direction.
     “We saw the bruises you gave her,” said Derek.
    Jensen ignored him. “Did they tell you, Nan, that she tried to kill one of your men, Gerald here?  They told me they had to knock her out, because there was no reasoning with her.”  
     Nana didn’t look my way.  Her eyes were glued onto her target. “That true?” she asked no one in particular.
     “Yes,” I said before anyone else could.  I figured it would be better coming from me.  “I’ve learned to kill first when it comes to both the living and the walking dead.”
     “You see?  She is out of control,” Jensen said.
     “Men like you taught me that.  Men that rape, men that kill, men that think the chaos we’ve been thrown into gives them license to do whatever sick and evil things that come into their morally deficient minds!” I yelled.
Somewhere in the midst of my rant Jensen’s true face came through.  Arrogance painted so think the fumes would make you sick, and narrow dark eyes on a mean face.  The room seemed dimmer for it.
     “You Devil’s whore!” he roared. His face was distorted and discolored by his anger.
     Nana moved up to him with her gun, “Hay! Hay! Hay! Gun, remember?  Calm the fuck down!”
     Lady sat up on the couch, crying but when she looked up and saw Jensen standing over her, her cries became blood curdling screams.
     Gerald finally let us know what he was palming between the cushions as he brought his hand up and pointed a tiny gun at Jensen’s head. 
     “Take the baby, Will,” Gerald said, and Will cautiously bent down and grabbed Lady.  She fought him like mad, screaming and kicking and squirming, but he managed to get to me.  He let go and she ran into my arms and buried her little head in my neck.
     “Look, I don’t know what bad blood you two have, but one of you is staying and one of you is going, and I think you know which is doing which,” Nana said.
Jensen smiled wide.  He was back to playing the good old boy.  “I think that’s best.  I’m sure I can find my way back to my people, no problem.”
     Nana waved her gun toward the entrance and Jensen walked around the couch, flashed angry eyes my way and started on down the hall toward the hatch with Nana at his back.  I let out a breath and calmed Lady with slow stroked down her back.
“Don’t worry, Lady.  He’s going back to the church,” I said quietly.  “You’ll never see him again.”
     “WAIT!” shouted Pane.  He’d been quiet through the entire confrontation but now he was shouting and running after Nana and Jensen. “Wait, he can’t go!” 
     Jensen started to sprint for the hatch and Nana stood her ground and shouted at him, “Stop or I will shoot you!” but she didn’t and he kept running with Pane at his back and gaining on him.  The guy could run!  Jensen reached the hatch first but it was no use to him.  He climbed the steps and found the handle stuck and the door immobile.
     I looked to the dining table and found Will behind a laptop. “It’s locked,” he said.  “He’s not going anywhere.  Now will someone kindly explain to me what’s going on?” he asked with flared nostrils and a creased brow.
     I watched the hall, where Derek had joined Pane in beating the crap out of Jensen while Nana loomed over them with her gun held loosely in her right hand.  There was no way Lady was going to calm down enough for us to talk with all that fighting and shouting.  Thankfully, Gerald went back to the bathroom and grabbed Derek’s utility belt.  He ran down the hall and with a small brown straw-like thing, he blew a tiny arrow at Jensen and he fell asleep, just as I had.  The three men carried him to the shower room and tide him to the shower column so we could talk in peace in the dining room.
     I told them what kind of man Jensen was and what type of place I just escaped from.  It was a place of violent power hungry sexual sadists and Pane was right.  If they let Jensen go, the first thing he’d do is tell his daddy that he found a place in need of spiritual cleansing…which was bull shit for kill us all and take their resources. 
     “No wonder you tried to kill me,” said Gerald.  He and Will were giving themselves sponge baths over the kitchen sink while we ate at the dining table, seeing as how the shower room was occupied’o.
     “It’s been a long year of ass holes,” I almost smiled; not because what I said was particularly clever.  It’s just been a long time since I’d seen Lady eat so heartily.  Sure, the church had its big feasts every couple of days, but it was human meat.  I couldn’t let her eat that, and the food their garden yielded was sickly. No, we were half starved, but now she sat on my lap eating her fill.  I hadn’t taken a bite just yet-I always let my lady eat first- but it smelled amazing; hearty potatoes, veggies, spices and chicken broth.
     “So,” began Nana.  “What do we do with him?  He can’t stay, he can’t go.”
     “The nest?” asked Derek.  Nana smiled and looked to the other men, who all smiled back at her.

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I didn't know what would come out when I sat down at the computer tonight.  I just started writing and I think it turned out okay.  I'm still searching for a title, but maybe one will come to us when we're a little further along in the story.

Chapter Three:

    I’D seen a lot of forts and bases; walled off city blocks, boarded up buildings, large boats all strung up together like a floating town on a lake and homes out in the safer countryside.  They all had one thing in common, they were not sustainable. Food ran out, clean water ran out, good people were the first to die and in the end all that was left was cannibalism and disease.    Lady and I had just escaped from such a place; a boarded up church far out in the country with a walled in court yard.  A preacher named Fin ran it.  Though, in hindsight he may not have been a real pastor.  He was a sweet older man but that act didn’t last long at all.  Once the doors were locked with us on the inside he changed drastically.  He was a violent radical and a sexual sadist.  He preached for hours and used food as a tool to keep us in line.  If we didn’t please him we starved and our kids starved.  The families that stayed there were loyal to him to the point of mental illness.  They held public executions once every couple of days for entertainment.  Anyone who disagreed with Fin or tried to leave were hung from a tree in the garden until dead, and then we would have a great big feast.  The executioner was the preacher’s son, Jensen, and he loved his job far too much for comfort.  He relished in his power; fucking and killing whoever he liked or didn’t like. 
     It took me a month to plan our escape from the church.  The walls were guarded too well and all the windows were boarded up. There was no way off the property, no conventional way at least.  At night I chipped away at the wood floor under the small mattress that Lady and I shared, with a sharpened rock from the garden.  Like in the movie Shawshank Redemption, I scattered the wood chips outside while I tended to the plants.  Once the hole was big enough for me to fit through, I dug my way through to the crawlspace under the church.  Over the course of a week I stole whatever weapons and supplies I could find and hid them in the hole under the mattress. Then it was just a matter of waiting until the dead of night for Lady and me to crawl through the underbelly of the building, locate the crawlspace access door and make a run for it.  What we didn’t expect was Jensen sitting on the front porch with a shot gun. He ran after us when he couldn’t get a clear shot.  I swung Lady onto my back and ran through a field of tall grass to lose him in the woods. But, I didn’t lose him.
     Jensen caught up with us and tackled me to the ground.  He kicked me in the stomach and back while Lady cried.  The zombies came at the sound of our fighting and they attacked him first since he was the obvious target.  I used them as a diversion to escape. The last time I saw Jensen, he had a pack of the dead besting him in the worst sort of way.  It seemed his fate was sealed, and it was fitting.  I grabbed up my little lady again and we were off, running with a horde of undead at our backs, until now.  Now she slept in the arms of a curious Brit and I walked beside them swiftly while another man watched our backs.
     Pane stopped walking and I looked up at him.  He was looking back at Derek with patient eyes as he calmly rocked Lady in his arms.  Derek came up from behind and bent down.  I looked out at the night, nervously messaging my sore hands.  I couldn’t help but fear that I was walking into another nightmare situation.  These men seemed like harmless enough geeks, but Fin seemed like a sweet old man at first too.
     I looked up and there was a structure in the trees.  I pointed at it and whispered, “You guys live in the trees?”
     Pane smiled, “No, that’s for something else.”
     “We live underground,” said Derek as he fiddled around in the dirt on the ground.  I bent down and saw that he was actually trying to lift a round metal door half hidden by leaves and dirt.
     “What’s wrong?” asked Pane.
     “She must have locked it from the inside,” said Derek.  He pulled a walky-talky off of his belt, pressed a button and spoke into it.  “It’s okay, Nana. She’s just a lady with a kid.  Neither of them have been bitten.”  He let go of the button and turned to me and asked quietly, “You haven’t been, have you?”
     I gave him a raised eye brow, “No.”
     “Come on,” Derek said.  He turned to Pane.  “Turn to the camera and show her the baby.”  Pane turned around and looked up and there was a buzzer sound, as though we were being let into an apartment building in the city, but the metal hatch swung open on its own accord.  I looked down into it to find a short metal stair case and soft white lighting.
     “Thanks,” Derek said into the walky-talky before he put it back on his belt and climbed into the whole. “Come on Audrey,” he said. 
     I took a deep breath and spared a lingering look back at Lady. I looked up at the man holding her and I gave him serious eye contact through his long black hair. “Pane, don’t hurt us, okay,” I said.  The look in his dark eyes was part shock, part pity, but he gave me a shallow nod of his head and I followed Derek underground.
     “Here,” Pane said, and he handed Lady to me.  She was still sleeping through all the shouting and movement.  I guess her little body just couldn’t handle any more.
     I took her in my arms and moved away from the stairs so Pane could come in.  He shut the door behind us and locked it.  I kept my eyes on him, hoping that I didn’t just fuck us again, hoping that he wasn’t going to go all crazy evil on my ass now that the doors were locked.  He looked at me in the soft light with a shy smile.  His eyes looked bigger and brighter in the new light.   Before I thought that were brown, but now I could see that they were a dark blue, like stormy skies.
     “Come on,” said Derek.  He was walking ahead of us, down a long hallway.  The hallway was tall and wide with cement walls and light bulbs hanging from the ceiling every few feet. He took off his black hat to reveal his shaved head.  His big black eyes and eyebrows stood out dramatically against his soft brown skin.       “We built this place a while back. Way before the disease spread.”
     “Why, did you use it for hunting?” I asked.
     “No, they were prepared for ZA, as they like to call it; the zombie apocalypse. They had inside information, you see.  They knew what was going to happen years before it did.” 
     “Nana,” said Derek as we reached the end of the hall. 
     What we walked into was a huge round room with an open layout.  To our right was a living space with a big screen television, leather furniture and bookcases full of books, movies and video games.  Straight ahead of us was a kitchen with two fridges and plenty of shelves full of food. To our left was a garden growing strong under the constant heat of lamps and a well timed irrigation system.  There was a long dining table with five laptops sitting open in front of each chair at the table.  One of the chairs was occupied by an older woman with long white hair and striking blue eyes. She was wearing a worn grey tank top that showed off her lean muscular arms. She didn’t look like anyone’s Nana I’d ever known, especially as she stood from the chair with force and swiftly walked up to me.  Her eyes weren’t angry as much as they were guarded.  I gave her the same look she was giving me, strong and mistrusting.
     “Nana, this is Audrey and he daughter,” said Pane.  “They’re good people.”
     “Hush, Pane.  Men are too trusting because they’re too confident.”  She looked past me and the other men.  “Where are Will and Gerald?”
     “They’re hunting a corps.  They should be back soon,” said Derek.
     A flash of fear crossed Nana’s face and then it was gone.  She gave me her back and started gathering her long sleek white hair up into a pony tail on top of her head as she made her way to the table. “Then I’ll monitor the hatch while you two show our guests the showers and take one yourselves.  I don’t need you stinking the place up,” she said before she took her seat.  She looked up at me and her eyes shot to Lady and then softened.  “You can put the kid on the couch while you get cleaned up.”  My reluctance must have been obvious, because she smiled at me.  “She will be fine, Audrey.  I’ve raised a few babies myself.  William is my grandson.”
     Pane put a hand on my shoulder and I reluctantly made my way to the couch.  Slowly I laid her down and Pane put a blanket over her.  I didn’t see where he got it from but I said, “Thank you,” and let him guild me past the kitchen.
It wasn’t obvious before, but there was another hall just behind the kitchen.  It diverted off into several directions, but we kept straight.  “The storage rooms are down that hall,” Derek explained. “And, the bedrooms are down there, but the restroom is just up here.”  He opened a heavy door.
     “Is every door a big metal solid thing with locks and whatnot?” I asked.
     “Yeah, and every room has a hidden exist to the surface,” Pane said.  I shook my head, not because I found that strange or anything.  Having each room capable of keeping out a horde of the undead and also providing a way of escape was incredibly smart and forwarding thinking.  No, I shook my head because Nana had been right.  These men were too trusting. They’d only known me maybe two hours, I’d tried to kill one of them and still they were this forthcoming with information.
     The restroom was designed like that of locker room.  There were toilet stalls and sinks, large lockers full of clothes and long mirrors for dressing in front of.  The showers were in the middle of the room, four shower heads attached on each side of a column and only one large drain in the middle of the room.  A soap dispenser was attached to the column.
     “Just put your clothes in the red basket and they’ll get washed,” said Pane.  He was already stripping down. He set out weapons on a counter.  Gone was his heavy brown jacket, belt, black tee-shirt, boots, pants—wow, I had to look away. 
     “We don’t have hot water today,” said Derek.  “We can only heat it on sunny days when the solar panels are charged.  There’s been too much cloud cover the past few days.” And, he too started taking his clothes off; weapons, black coat, belt, shirt, boots, pants, boxers—and crap, looked away.
     I swallowed past the lump in my throat.  Why was I being so shy?  I had to laugh at myself just a little.  I shrugged and started taking off my coat, but I did it slowly.  My body was still so sore from the beating Jensen gave me.  I had a hard go of pulling my feet free of my boots, before I could pill my dirty jeans off.  I heard a quiet gasp from one of the men, but I didn’t look up.  I knew what I looked like.  My body was riddled with scars and bruises.  If they thought my legs looked bad, they hadn’t seen anything yet.  Keeping my eyes closed, I pulled my shirt over my head, revealing the worst of it.  Deep and dark scars were splashed across my stomach, chest, arms and back. My stomach and back were colored in green and blue, courtesy of Jensen’s boots.  I undid my bra and let my breast rest heavy against my chest before I slid out of my panties.  I moved to put my clothes in the basket and in doing so, gave the men my back.
     “Holy fuck,” said Derek.  “Who did that to you?”
     “A lot of people,” I said. “But, if you’re referring to the bruises, they’re new.  A man named Jensen didn’t want me leaving his daddy’s sanctuary from the devil,” I said quoting Pastor Fin. “They believe that this is the ‘end times’ and anyone who rejects them is accepting the devil, and should be killed, lest we add to the devil’s ranks…or some such bull shit”
     “Crazy is as crazy does,” said Derek.
     I nodded and covered my breasts as best I could while I made my way to the showers.  I tried to look anywhere but at their nakedness.  I saw nothing but smooth muscular chests and arms…and legs, but nothing else.  The water was freezing cold, but it felt wonderful to be clean afterward.  Derek gave me a black tee and pajama pants to wear until my clothes were cleaned. 
     We came out of the restroom clean and were met by the wonderful smell of food cooking. I grabbed my stomach when it growled, anticipating the food that smell promised.
     “Whatcha cooking?” asked Pane as he entered the large room before us.
     “Potato soup,” answered Nana.  “It’s good that you’re out.  Three others need the showers.”
     “Three?” asked Derek just ahead of me.
      “We have another guest,” said Nana.  “He said he knew Audrey.”
     I came around the corner last and saw him sitting next to my sleeping baby.  He looked at me with a crooked smile. My heart jumped into my throat and I instantly grabbed Derek’s forearm.  He looked back at me. “Jensen,” I said with real fear in my eyes. 


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I have only a few title ideas so if you can think of anything, that would be awesome!

Chapter Two:

    I felt jostled and it woke me, but it took me several moments to regain complete consciousness.  I wanted to move, but my limbs felt too heavy, and it was too hard to keep my eyes open.  While I waited for mobility, I listened to the voices of men and comprehended what I could as the fog slowly lifted from my mind.  
     “Zombie apocalypse man; there are freaking zombies everywhere.  Almost everyone is dead and you still can’t talk in front of a girl? Come one, Derek.  I’ll tell you what that is. That right there is pathetic.”
     “Shut it, Will.  I talked back there,” said a man, Derek I guessed. “Anyway, don’t give me crap after Gerald went all deep voiced, ‘come with me if you want to live.’  Now, that was pathetic.”
     “Yeah, that was kind of stupid, man.  Are you going to talk like that when she wakes up?  Can you keep something like that up?” asked Will.
      “That’s just how I talk around the ladies.  They happen to like it,” said Gerald, and I could tell he was the one carrying me.
     “Oh, they do?  Because, to me it looked like she wanted to kill you,” said Derek.
     “Yeah, what did you say to her?  She was P.I.S.S.E.D, big time,” said Will.
     “Hush. Your bickering is going to wake the baby,” said another man, whose voice I didn’t recognize.  It had a subtle British accent. “She’s so sweet.”
     “I’ll trade you mom for daughter…” Gerald started to say, but before he could get the sentence out I was fighting myself free from his arms, wiggling like a worm really.  “Hold on.  Calm down.”
     “No, let go of me!” I shouted.  I was thrashing around, struggle against his massive arms.
     “Miss, Miss,” said the man with the Brit accent. He stepped into my line of sight and I stopped moving.  He was the guy with long dark hair who grabbed up my cutlery, while the big brute that was carrying me was holding me down. “Look, see.  Here’s your babe.  She’s safe.”
     “She’s sleeping,” I said and I didn’t understand it.  She only ever let me hold her.  “She should be screaming.  Did you drug my baby?!” I yelled and I tried to lash out in anger, but Gerald tightened his grip around my waist.
     “No,” said the blond man who had my guns.  I recognized his voice as the one that belonged to Will.        That meant that the black fellow standing a ways away from us was Derek.  “We didn’t drug your baby.  We wouldn’t do that, but if you don’t keep your voice down we may have to drug you again.”
     I nodded and took in some calming breathes. “Where are you taking us?”
     “I told you,” said Gerald.  “Some place safe.”
     I drummed my fingers on his back.  “Can I at least walk?”
     Gerald hiked me up higher on his shoulder.  “I don’t trust you not to do something stupid.
     I sighed.  “You have my kid and my weapons.  I can’t survive without either of them, so I’ll play nice.”  I put up my hands, as if to say, ‘look, I’m just a wee unarmed girl.’  The fact that I was draped over a man’s shoulder only helped my case.
     Will gave me a long look from under his blond brows.  His eyes flicked to Derek, standing in the shadows, then to the man holding Lady and then to Gerald.  He shrugged. “It’s up to you,” he said to Gerald.  “She pulled a knife on you, so what you say goes.”  I rolled my eyes.
     “What’s your name?” asked Gerald.
     “Audrey,” I said.
     “Audrey, I’m Gerald, but they call me the Hammer.”
     “We never call him that,” spoke up Will.
     “They sometimes call me that, because I like to use the hammer when I kill zombies.”
     “We never call you that, and you’ve never killed a real zombie with a hammer, freaken dork,” Will mumbled the last bit.
     Gerald cleared his throat.  “If I didn’t have a gun, I’d use a hammer.  It’s my backup. Anyway, that jerk is William.  Don’t mind him.  He has no sense of social graces.  If he thinks it, he says it.  The guy in the shadows is Derek.  He’s the strong silent type.”
     “Yeah, what are you, like Kenyan or Nigerian?” Will asked Derek.
     “I’m black, I’m a black American, fucking jerk,” said Derek.
     Gerald ignored their argument.  It went on and on as he introduced me to Pane, there British companion, and I got the sense that Will was the sort of guy you didn’t argue with, because he never admitted to being wrong or gave up any ground. 
     Pane rocked my Lady in his arms as he explained how the three other men found him.  He’d been here on holiday when the whole Zombie Apocalypse went down.  He and his mates decided to escape the densely populated cities and towns and head for the mountains…but so did a lot of other people.  The roads became packed, making the people easy pickens for the zombies.  Pane’s friends didn’t make it, but he somehow found his way up here, where Derek, Will and Gerald found him half starved.
     “So, now you know our names.  Do you feel better?” asked Gerald.
     I did, actually.  Before they were just another group of power hungry, greedy men, but now they seemed more like a great big group of socially awkward dorks. “Yeah,” I said, and Gerald slowly guided my body off of his shoulder. 
     I immediately went to Pane’s side to see Lady.  He had her cuddled up against his shoulder.  Her face was nuzzled against his neck and her little fingers were twirling his long hair.  That made me smile.  I think it was the hair that fooled her into thinking I was carrying her and lulled her into a false sense of security.        Pane’s long black hair was similar to my own dark brown hair, in length and texture.
     I was about to reach out for her, but I caught the scent of something off, something rotten.  My eyes went to the darkened forest, wide as they tried to see more than they were able in the dense darkness.
     “I smell something,” I said.
     “Me too,” said Gerald.  “Shut it,” he said in a hushed voice to Will and Derek.
     Pane moved closer to me.  “Gerald, it smells ripe.  I think we’re down wind of something very nasty.”
     “We’re close to the base.  If we keep moving, and keep quiet, we may make it,” said Derek.
     Will moved to Gerald’s side and spoke softly so that the rest of us couldn’t hear their conversation.  I didn’t like that.  Gerald looked up and out in one particular direction and then he shook his head. 
     “No, we need to hunt it and kill it.  Will and I will track it.  You two take Audrey and her baby to the base.”
     “What if there is more than just one?  What if there’s another horde?” asked Derek.
     Gerald and Will exchanged a look.  Gerald looked dead serious and moved his large hand to a heavy hammer at his utility belt. 
     “You ready to die, Hammer?” Will asked with a wily smile.
     “Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam!” Gerald said, and they moved off into the darkness.
     Derek came to my side.  “We need to go.  The base is just another mile east of here.”
     “It doesn’t feel right leaving them like this,” said Pane, but he started moving and we followed.
     “They can take care of themselves, man.  You know they kick more zombie ass than anyone we know,” said Derek.
     “Everyone I know is dead,” Pane whispered.
     “What was that that Gerald said before?” I asked.  I was trying to increase my speed to keep up with their long strides.
     “It’s was Klingon,” said Derek.  I rolled my eyes.  Such dorks.  And, I was scared of them? Seriously?  “Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam!” Derek said, “Today is a good day to die.”