Monday, February 5, 2018

Zombie Book 2 is Underway

I took a long break from blogging. I needed to focus on the holidays and publishing The Librarian. Now I'm back, neck deep in the world of Zombies! I've decided to post the first five chapters, just as I did with the first Zombie Book, so tonight I'm posting chapter 1:

DAYS went by without seeing another living human out in the open, now there were five looting a drugstore that had long been picked clean. There were three men and two women, skinny and wearing rags. I watched them give the place a good once, twice, thrice, over. They didn’t even find a box Bandaids. I felt bad for them. They looked tired and hungry and scared. My own people had none of those problems. We had everything we needed and then some...I could help these people, but I wouldn’t. They looked nice enough, I supposed but looks can deceive. For example, I looked like a living human, but I wasn’t anymore. I’d been dead for months.

From my perch atop the adjacent building, I could see over much of downtown Olympia, Washington. Or, what was left of her. Before the disease landed here, it was a gem of a city. The capital of Washington with Neoclassical architecture. O-Town was the pride of the state. A small knit community full of art, drama, food and just filled to the brim with hippies… Now all those free loving, latte sipping, bean bag playing youngsters were walking corpses looking for grub. You could say, they had the munchies in life and in death. I chuckled to myself at that thought. You have to find humor in this life. It took dying for me to learn that.
A gunshot cut through the quiet streets. I looked down at the people in the drug store. The five people were running off down the road. They didn’t have a gun. The shot didn’t come from them, but they knew what it meant. It meant someone was shooting at a zombie out there somewhere, and zombies seemed to move in packs. Finally some action.
I jumped down from the building some forty feet and landed loudly on the road of an abandoned car. If I’d been alive that would have hurt like hell. I might have even broken a bone or sprained an ankle. Instead, I climbed down from the car and walked calmly down the deserted roads in search of zombies. Hell, maybe I could even save the poor wretch that just rang the dinner bell.
I bent down and put my hand on the cement and I could feel the ground tremor. The vibrations grew until I could hear them. I looked back and saw the horde approaching fast from behind me. Over six million zombies pouring through the streets toward the sound of the gunshot and the smell of a human. Fuck! I ran to the closest vehicle to me, a tall van. It was locked. I didn’t have time to find another place for cover. I got down on my stomach and rolled under the van just in time for the horde of the dead to scream by, rotting parts and putrid smell. Some fell and were simply trampled over. It was a stampede of rotters. The slower zombies trailed behind. I rolled back out to walk with them. I liked the calmer bunch. They reminded me of classic movies. Nice and slow, but that meant whoever these guys were after would be just a pile of bones by the time I got there. I had to get ahead of the horde somehow.
“Derek to Erin,” I heard from my walky-talky at my hip. The zombies around me stopped and looked at me. They almost seemed confused. I looked like food, sounded like food but I didn’t smell like food. I growled at them and they moved away.
I ran ahead of the slow rotters and turned the corner to find the Army Hummer I saw earlier that day. The door was unlocked but the keys were probably on the driver, who was probably dead.  Lucky for me I was recently taught how to hotwire a car by my friend, Gerald.
I pulled out my walky and pressed the button, “Erin here. The hunt is hot. How may I be of service?”
“Thomas has been asking for you. You’ve been gone for days. You’re finally within range, so does that mean you’re coming home soon?”
“I’ll be there tonight. I’ve learned so much. Be ready to have your minds blown!”
I pulled out my pocket knife to remove the plastic cover on the steering column but found the wires exposed.
“That’s good to hear. Your son misses you.”
“Hey, um Derek. I don’t suppose you know how to hotwire a Humvee.”
“That’s Gerald’s area of expertise. Let me hand you over.”
Soon Gerald’s excited voice filled the vehicle. “Hey, sweet cheeks!”
A zombie stopped to look at me. I gave him a cold stare. “Move on buddy, nothing to eat here.”
“Shut the fuck up and tell me how to hotwire a Humvee.”
“I love you.”
I sighed and decided not to tell him to eat shit and die. “I don’t have time to play with you right now.”
“Well, first off I’d suggest you don’t try to hotwire a Humvee.”
“And why not?”
“Well, for starters they are just fucking bad for the planet. Did you ever think about that? No, you didn’t. You is selfish.”
“I is,” I agreed. “I found a working freezer in Seattle last week full of ice cream, and I ate all of it.”
“Yes, double fudge, caramel ribbon, moose trek.”
“You cold-hearted bitch!”
I let him hear me laugh. “It’s not like it would have made the trip back with me. I did bring you all gifts, but first, you have to tell me how to hotwire this fucking humvee.”
“Okay, okay. You wore me down. Against my better judgment, I will tell you how to hotwire a Humvee.”
“Yes, thank you.” I had my knife ready in my hand. I didn’t know which of these thick wires to cut. They all looked the same.
“First, I want you to look to the left of the steering wheel.”
“Are you looking left.”
“Good. There is a knob on the dashboard. Turn it to the start position.”
I felt my face heat up with anger and embarrassment. I put the knife down on the seat forcefully and turned the engine over with the twist of the knob, easy.
“Did you get that?” He asked over the walky. “I know it was complex and-”
“Fuck you,” I interrupted him. He laughed good and long into the walky. I turned the station on the walky and put the humvee into reverse, pulling out onto the road. I felt a couple bumps. I didn’t even look in the mirrors. I knew what I hit and I didn’t give a damn. They were already dead.

The Zombie Book 2 will be published in June 2018. If you haven't read the first Zombie book the cover is a link to the Amazon page. Just click it!

This is the working cover for the 2nd book!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


You ever sit back and wonder what events in your life made you who you are? I cringe when I hear people say something to the effect of, I wouldn't change a thing because it made me who I am. I feel like that's bull shit. Certainly, I would still be the same person I am if I didn't eat that burrito yesterday. ...That's probably not what those people mean. The big events. The horrible things we did and had done to us. They're talking about the Rape, Cheating, Car Crashes, Fires, Broken Hearts, Accidents and Neglects that leaves us changed forever. Core memories, as Disney, might put it. Life's little happenstances that shape us. 

We mostly remember the bad. I know I certainly do. I remember feeling stupid for the first 15 years of my life. I was held back in second grade. I took special classes for reading in school. The first time I saw so much as a B on any of my school work was my freshmen year of high school. I can tell you, it was such a feeling. I'll never forget it. I cried. 

It took me until I was 20 to realize why I was so stupid before high school:
  • I needed glasses since I was in 4th grade and maybe sooner. My mom got me a pair when I was 11, but I took them off to play outside and they fell out of my pocket. For days and weeks, I searched for them, but they were never bought me another pair. My dad did when I moved in with him at 16 years-old.
  • I was starving. My older brothers and I grew up in poverty. There was a short time of two years in which my mom was married to a physically and verbally abusive ass-hat that we had food in the house and money for lunches at school, but after they divorced we couldn't even afford furniture in our trailer, let alone groceries. The food we did have was not for us. It was for mom's new boyfriend...another ass-hat (men always came first). Mom was too proud to ask for government handouts, so there was no free lunch program or food bank visits, we just went without food. I remember coming home to find my brother unconscious on the floor while the vacuum was running. He was so starved that he fainted while doing his chores...Hard to focus on school when your stomach hurts like hell...Some of my most shameful memories as a child were out of hunger. I've eaten out of a dumpster before. I've eaten a jar of mayonnaise before. Right now I cringe at the thought, but thinking back on it, at the time it tasted like heaven to a starving child. Men make more money than women, and my dad only had me and one other brother to care for, so at 16 I had regular meals. 
  • No doctor or dentist visits unless I was dying (period) No health insurance mandate meant no health care for me as a child. Unless I was screaming in pain, no go. 
  • There was no help at all...on top of not being able to see the board and not being able to focus because of hunger pains or sickness, I received no help at all on my school work. I admit, memories are fully faulty and there is a chance I simply do not remember being helped at home, but truly I do not recall my mom ever sitting down with me and actually helping me study for a test or work on a project. Everything from day one was left to me, a child...and I failed at everything. You would assume my teachers said something to my mom about my performance, but instead of helping me, I felt ridiculed and judged only. She spoke openly in front of me to anyone about how stupid I was, especially compared to my perfect brothers, who could do no wrong in her eyes. I felt like shit. I clearly remember that. I was 7 years old and crying into my teddy bears. Screaming I HATE YOU and meaning me...
I don't really blame my mom, though. She was 19 when she had me, a single mom of 3 without a high school education. She put herself through college while working full time and raising 3 kids alone. At times she worked up to 3 jobs at once. She worked as often as she could to pay the bills. She just didn't have time for me. She often forgot about me altogether. (she still does. My birthday was 11/17...she never called)

I remember when I turned 10 years old. I don't remember where my mom was on my birthday, but I have fond memories of a young prostitute who stole cake mix, frosting and whoppers from Safeway and made me a birthday cake. I don't remember if I ever tasted chocolate before that day and no cake can hold a candle to it. It was perfection! Perhaps it is love that makes the memory of that cake so amazing.

Yes, befriending prostitutes isn't something most 10-year-olds do, but without a parent home, my brothers and I were left alone to be abused and abuse each other and wander the streets and try drugs and drink coffee and alcohol and smoke cigarettes...We were the kids other parents didn't want their kids hanging out with.  I don't want to sit and think and count how many times I was raped or molested growing up. It hurts my heart. LOL I laugh so I don't cry... 

I didn't have help with school and I didn't have help with life...I did some really dumb stuff. I should have been killed a few times over. When I was 12 I once got in a car full of grown ass men I didn't know just because a friend of a friend was dating one of them. They took me and my other friends back to their grown ass man apartment and did things they should have been doing to grown ass woman and not a bunch of fucking preteens...I've made sooooo many bad choices like that. Why am I still alive!?!?!?!?!  I was a little girl without a full-time mom and only an every other weekend dad. 

When I was young I used to call myself stupid. I told myself that everyone hated me and that I was a burden. I told myself I was ugly and I felt sorry for people who had to look at me. I don't know what made me change all the sudden at the age of 16. Was it moving in with my dad? (which broke my mother's heart) Was it just getting older and realizing I needed to make some changes? Maybe it was wanting something better than what I had and being someone better than who I was. I look at my little girl and I think back. I never ever want her to feel what I felt. I help her, I watch over her, I make sure she knows she's beautiful and I never lie to her, never. So if what I went through has made me a better mom, I guess I wouldn't change a thing either. 

I feel like my first 5 books were me working through all that shit.


Thursday, December 14, 2017


I'm not sure if I'm ambitious or confused or a bit of both. I mean, well, I have my fingers in a lot of pies...or is that the wrong analogy. Perhaps I'm juggling too many damn balls...

I'm a writer


I'm currently writing the last book in The Serial Killer series and the second Zombie Book...Zombie Book 2. 

An Artist

I'm trying to start my own business.

I tried to get it going through the Kickstarter website, but that only seems to work for famous and rich people if they need help at all. 

I'm trying to sell the pilot episode or Paranormal Washington, a series based on the Raina Kirkland Novels. took a look at the first pilot episode and asked me to change some things, so that's what I'm doing. I hope to resubmit the new pilot before Christmas! 

And, I'm trying to find a job in my field of study, Social Science...some grand mix of social services, counseling and administration. 

But I can't forget everything else I have to do...running a house is a full-time job. Guess I'm feeling stretched a little thin...Oh yeah! And I'm trying to lose weight.

Monday, November 20, 2017


It's fair to say that I'm kind of obsessed with the Raina Kirkland series. Besides my children, I've never made anything so grand as this five book adventure. I want to stay in Raina's world.

I started writing the adventures of secondary characters. What happened when Raina, the narrator, wasn't around. When Nick was sent away after murdering two people, before coming back in book 3. And how Katie changed from meek child to bad ass between books 3 and 4. Books 2.5 and 3.5 respectively. But, I never finished them...

I wrote a screenplay for a television series pilot episode, and I submitted it to exactly one production company. They got back to me after 4 months and said, "If I changed some things I should resubmit it" but never said what those things were...I haven't submitted it to another company or changed anything yet...

Because I possess some artistic talent in the area of drawing and graphic design, I thought I could convert my novels into graphic novels, but...I don't know...

I've entertained the idea of writing a 6th book, but I'm sure Raina's story has been told pretty thoroughly. All the bad guys have been dealt with and all the surviving good guys have their happily ever afters. 

I have the fullest of plates at the moment. I'm currently looking for a new day job, while also trying to start a small business (Kickstarter) and write The Librarian, The Zombie Book 2 and hopefully an erotic novel. Maybe a time-traveling piece...You could say I'm kind of busy, but I really want Raina in my life. I'm just not sure which direction to go in. 

  • Novels 2.5 and 3.5
  • Television Series
  • Graphic Novel
  • 6th Book
What do you think?

Sunday, November 19, 2017


After years of planning and research and all that jazz, I'm going for it. I want to be a small business owner. I have so many ideas for a business, but I believe the most profitable is the kid's cafe. Ever since my daughter was born I've had this idea in my mind. When a kid's cafe opened in Lynnwood, Washington I really hated myself for not pursuing it before. But Lynnwood is so far away now. I need a play cafe in the Tacoma, Washington area and there just isn't anything like that around, so why not open one? I wanted to name it Rainy Day Cafe, but as a compromise with the husband, I named it Stay N' Play Cafe. 

My first plan of action is to do a Kickstarter

It took some time, but I made a video to promote the venture

After months of working the budget side, I've come up with the barest of bones financial goal to open the business ($18,000)

The cost includes rewards given to those who back us on Kickstarter.  

Most projects don't get by only on large backers, but mostly $15 to $30 backers. Well, in any case, the Kickstarter ends near the end of December. We will see. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


J.K. Rowlings said that she was inspired to write Harry Potter while she was riding a train. She imagined children on their way to a magical school and the plot developed from there.

Stephany Myers said she was inspired to write the first Twilight book one night as she laid awake in bed. She had an image of a man and woman together. The man wanted to devour the woman but he wouldn't let that happen because he also loved her. The rest of the plot developed from that point out.

Steven King said he wrote Dreamcatcher out of the idea that horrible things happen in the bathrooms all the time; diarrhea, heart attach, slips, vomiting...aliens tearing their way out of your ass while you're on the toilet. The rest evolved from that idea. 

Stories don't usually come to writers in their completion. They come bit by bit, flowing in the path of least resistance, like a river. It starts with an idea or picture you can't get out of your mind. For the Raina Kirkland Series, it started with the idea of a normal girl becoming a killer. For The Artist, it was the idea of a killer who used the human body as his clay. For The Zombie Book, it was about nerdy dorks surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.  

The idea is like an algebra equation. 

Idea + X = A story             Solve for X

Once the idea is solved there is no real rest until it's all written out, perfected and published.   

It's helpful and natural that once you start thinking about your idea, complimenting ideas come to the surface. For The Zombie Book,  it was the idea of a mom and young child surviving alone. Another idea that came up while researching human activity during war times was the ramped depravities humans are capable of; mass murder, raping, torture, cannibalism... This expands the equation.

Nerds & Zombies + Mom & Child + Depraved Humans = Story

How do these things connect? Find a starting point and follow the natural flow of events. 

So now I have the story's major components. Next, I compile goals to meet. Staying with The Zombie Book, I went into the story with some specific goals in mind. 

  • Bad Ass Mom (who else could keep their baby alive?)
  • I love me some Cannibalism (been obsessed since I was a child)
  • A Realistic Concept of Zombism (which meant a scientist who understood it)
  • A Realistic Survival method (the nerd's bunker)
The equation is coming into focus.

Nerds in bunker + Scientist + Bad Ass with Baby + Evil Cannibales + Zombies = Story

You want to start a story strong and pick your voice. If I were a man I might have started the story from one of the nerd's perspectives, but I'm a lady and a mom. The first part of the equation is in place.

Bad Ass Mom with Baby, fighting Zombies...+ Bring in the Nerds! + Set up for Evil Men & Science.

The story has begun. At this point, I had a rough outline from beginning to end, but everything was flexible and fluid and from point A to Z things changed depending on feelings and new ideas and information coming late in the game. Like in Dungeons and Dragons, the board is set, the players are in place and the rest is an adventure that surprises even the dungeon master at times. Roll the dice! 

Sunday, November 5, 2017


After finishing the Raina Kirkland Series in 2016, I quickly started plotting out two short story series. The first one was about serial killers in Seattle and the second book was about Zombies in the Olympic forest.

The serial killer series was published on New Year's Eve 2016.
The Artists is the beginning of a new serial killer series.

There are 35 active serial killers at any given time in the U.S.
There are 271 serial killer suspects currently on the FBI list.
Nearly 50% of serial killers kill for Enjoyment (thrill, lust, power)
The Average IQ of serial killers is 94.7 
90.8% of serial killers are Men, while only 9.2% are women

Carmen is a studious woman with a peculiar manner and odd interest in the criminal mind so you might imagine her delight when she finds herself in the middle of an FBI investigation into a serial killer, known as The Artist; a killer who literally turns his victims into works of art. It really is a dream come true...until it becomes a nightmare too real.

“The artist must bow to the monster of his own imagination.” 

~ Richard Wright

The book has had 4 cover changes in the 11 months since it's release.

The first cover lasted less than 30 days. In that short time, I sold just 1 copy of the myself!

The second cover was a drawing I made for an adult coloring book I put together called Dark Whimsy. From the end of January 2017 until the end of June 2017. I sold only 6 more copies, 2 in February, 3 in March and 1 more in April. 

The third cover sold 0 copies between June and October!

Since this cover's release in October, I've sold just 1 copy. 

The second book in this series, The Librarian, is about 2 months away from being published.  

Published October 20th, 2017.
The Zombie Book

Erin is a single mom facing the Zombie Apocalypse alone until she chased by a horde of rotting corpses, into an adorkable group of bad ass zombie hunting, video gaming playing man-children and their sweet doting Gran Gran/ mad genius... 

But if Erin has learned anything from the end of the world, it's that humans are far scarier than any flesh-eating zombie. Deadlier too.

In the 16 days since The Zombie Book's release, I've sold 13 copies...

Because of these numbers, I'm actually considering putting off finishing The Librarian in favor of writing the sequel to The Zombie Book. Meanwhile, I'm trying to plot out an erotic fantasy novel to come out this coming Spring 2018. Thoughts?