Saturday, May 28, 2016

Jim Proctor's Phoenix Series

Recently I've read these two amazing books by Jim Proctor. He has such a way with story telling. I'm quite envious of his ability to spin such a thrilling and compelling story.

Carl Wilkins, a successful man with a thriving business, loses everything and has to start over from scratch. His dogged determination quickly deteriorates when he finds that even his reputation is gone. With barely enough money to buy a cheap bottle of booze, and no prospects for employment, things look bleak until he receives an unusual job offer from a stranger who turns up just as Carl hits rock bottom. The perilous space salvage job is more than just a chance to rebuild his broken life. It is also a chance to strike back at SACOM, the people who ruined him. Carl, the best space salvage operator in the star system, bets his life that he can complete the job. Setting out in the Phoenix, a specially modified space freighter, Carl begins a dangerous mission to find and collect missing cargo pods from the dense asteroid belt. Struggling to remain alive in the belt while avoiding detection by SACOM ships, Carl learns that he may have as much to fear from the people who hired him as he does from SACOM. His chance to rebuild his life turns into a desperate race across the galaxy in hopes of finding a safe haven where no one will ever find him.

My Review:
5.0 out of 5 stars A very Enjoyable Sci-Fi AdventureJune 6, 2015

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This review is from: Veronica Phoenix: Phoenix Series Book 1 (Kindle Edition)
I fully enjoyed the entire feel of this book! It was a great sci-fi adventure. The characters were really well written. Is it weird that I related best with the hologram? LOL.
The story line was written in such a way as to give you a 360 degree experience of the world and the people in it, bad and good. You would think that kind of writing would kill the suspense, but it does the exact opposite. Jim gives you just enough of a view behind enemy lines to get the gist of what's going on and a taste of the baddies attitude without giving up too much. As a whole, I'd say very well done.
And, I must add how much I love the cover.

Reading the second book was a real treat. As a writer and a reader, I love seeing a story line come together. These books should really be read back to back as one Epic Novel!

Fighting to remain one step ahead of SACOM, Nolan Peters and Megan Carson investigate the mysterious disappearance of their friend, Carl Wilkins. During the investigation, Nolan struggles with his growing affection for Megan, while she tries to cope with the recent death of her husband. Will the strain bring them together, or drive them apart? 
When the pair uncovers evidence of a treasonous conspiracy that threatens the stability of all human worlds across the galaxy, they reluctantly put their trust in a SACOM investigator and a hard-nosed Army general to root out the conspirators. Will their trust prove to be their undoing... or prevent a galactic-scale military coup? 

5.0 out of 5 stars Thrilling Twists and TurnsMay 26, 2016

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This review is from: Search for the Phoenix: Phoenix Series Book 2 (Kindle Edition)
The basic premise of this novel is an evil government space entity did some bad stuff, and people died. They blamed it on a guy named Carl, who disappeared shortly after they ruined his life. This novel starts after Car;'s coworker and friend Nolen is brought in by the government and tortured because they thought he might know something about Carl. When Nolen is released, he's stricken by a hunger for the truth, which mean he has to find Carl, where ever he is.
First off, SACOM (Strategic Aerospace Command) is a scary as s*** government type entity. They are greedy, crooked and supper powerful; unlawful arrests, torture, murder and espionage...
There is some subtle romance between Nolan and the widow of his old friend, Megan. It's a sweet and slow romance that is built at a steady comfortable pace that respects the com plexity of their relationship and shared tragic loss.
One of my favorite things about Proctor's writing is the sciency imagination. I love sciency stuff. I have been known to watch Neil Degrasse Tyson's Cosmos over and over and over that business. Both books in the Phoenix series is chalk full of this sort of stuff, like jumping into or out of hyper space too close to a solar system could mean coming out of it inside a planet, or the freaking star! Wow. I never thought of that...
There are so many thrilling twists and turns, especially about 50% in. Big twist. It's a fun ride.