Wednesday, December 26, 2012


I just got back from seeing the film, Les Miserables, with my sister and mother.  I was blown away, but I knew I would be.  I'd never read the book, I knew nothing about the musical, but the trailer struck me.

Some time ago, I took my little sister to see the new Twilight movie, I was fully drenched in adolescent titillation and whatnot, zoned out, uncaring...and then there was this sound.  It cut through all that noise, through the teen aged angst and  struck my heart, just a sound, a wrenching melody.  I sat  up in my seat and physically moved people to see the screen.  It was the trailer for Les Miserables, Ann Hathaway was singing I Dreamed A Dream with such feeling that I found tears on my cheeks.  I simply HAD to see the film.

I drug my mother and sister along with me, and it was everything that I'd hoped.  I cried so much, and when I got home I hugged my baby girl so hard, so thankful for what I have, for my family and what luck I've enjoyed in my life.

I fully endorse this film.  If you have the money and a couple hours to kill it really is a must see!