Friday, April 18, 2014


Fatal Retribution is free all weekend long!

But first, a little history.
"Ishtar, pronounced Easter, was the goddess of romance, procreation, and war in ancient Babylon.  She was the mother goddess, and the stories of her descent to the Underworld and the resurrection that followed are contained in the oldest writings that have ever been discovered. . . the Babylonian creation myth Enuma Elishand the story of Gilgamesh that scholars believe were recorded around 2,000 B.C.E."

More information here

Since Raina, the main character in Fatal Retribution, worships the goddess, it seems natural that she would want to honor her in this way.

Monday, April 14, 2014


This started as just a facebook status, but I kept on writing and writing, so now it's a damn blog.

I've kind of sort of been falling out of love with a certain author that I grew up with.  I wont name this talented individual, I'll only say that I couldn't quite put my finger on why I was more and more annoyed with the books, more often not even buying them at all...I just read a review, however, that seemed to state quite well what I've been feeling.

This author started out writing amazing books that kept me coming back for more.  However, for the past few years more than half the books are filler; lengthy descriptions of people's appearance, paying special attention to body size and shape, and two or three long paragraphs into minor character's back stories that had nothing to do with the book's current plot whatsoever, and conversations between characters that seemed only to serve the purpose of retelling readers about past events in previous books; not that any of that information is relevant or necessary in enjoying the current book...It's filler for a desired page count...I hate that.

I used to follow this author's blog as well, and this person did pay special attention to the number of pages written in a day, always elated when the desired pages were achieved. I don't judge my own progress in terms of pages. I go by chapters. If I can write at least one chapter in a sitting, I'm well pleased with myself...Moreover, I'm pleased as pie if I can make a breakthrough in the plot even if no chapters are written. When I write, I see the story running through my mind like a movie and each chapter is one scene in that movie. Completing a chapter means the story is moving along, and if you're telling an engaging story filler is not needed. And, I think that's what's killing me. This author I so adored for so long is talented, her stories are creative and entertaining on their own.  Why does she feel the need to add so much nonsense? I can only think of two reasons.

1. The publisher is pushing a certain page count per book, so the author has a quota to meet and that in tern effects the quality of the story.
2. The author has fallen in love with the voice in her head and can no longer discern great forward moving engaging story telling, from distracting babble.

It's just annoying, that's all. Rant done. Thanks ^_^