Saturday, December 15, 2012


You saw that right.  Some people believe that those innocent children died because we don't teach Bible study in public schools, because their god wasn't allowed in the building

A grown-ass man killed our innocent children because he was out of his Fucking mind, and no other reason! Don't give me that, ‘Well, you should have worshiped my god because bad things NEVER HAPPEN TO CHRISTIANS’ bull pucky! 

I know some amazingly wonderful Christians who have had cancer and beat it, and I know some amazingly wonderful Atheists and Buddhist who've had hard times and made it through them. Religion is all well and good for some, but the moment you tell me that innocent children died a horrible and frightful death because we didn't pay your particular god enough attention, is the moment I say you're fucking nuts. Bad things happen because bad people exist, good things happen because good people exist...The moment you bring mythical monsters, demons, devils, gods, fairies, witches or whatever into the equation is the moment you lost your ever-loving mind!