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I've been reading this award winning series for the past couple of years and I've got say that these books are of the up most quality. If you love supporting authors, but you're so tired of finding errors throughout their work, this is the series for you. Not only are these books seriously thought provoking and well plotted, but there are zero grammatical or spelling errors.

Seventeen-year-old Lisen Holt only begins to realize that her life is fractured after a sorcerer abducts her from a California beach and brings her home to Garla. She awakens at Solsta Haven, a refuge for the spiritual members of Garlan society known as hermits. The sorcerer, Hermit Eloise, has returned Lisen?s body to its true form?a human-like marsupial with no visible breasts and a fuzzy pouch just above where her bellybutton once was. She then restores Lisen?s memory of her first ten years in Garla, leaving her earthly existence behind but not forgotten. Although she is Lisen of Solsta now, questions haunt her, questions Eloise refuses to answer. Who are the parents who left her at Solsta? Why did Eloise send her to Earth? And what is so important about her that Eloise has manipulated so much of her life? The answers will propel Lisen into a quest for a throne, and all that will stand between her and her birthright is her matricidal twin of a brother.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Whole New World to ExploreJuly 3, 2013

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This review is from: Fractured (Lisen of Solsta Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
I love authors who create whole new worlds and fill it with new beings and cultures. It's the height of creativity. Lisen is a wonderful three dimensional heroine who is torn from earth, the only life she's ever known and forced to her home world, Garla. There she must learn the culture, rule the people and come to terms with not only the loss of her Earthly life, but her Earthly body as well. It's a terribly descriptive, imaginative and intriguing book. Well written with great flow. Highly recommended for lovers of fantasy!

In Fractured, Lisen Holt, Valley girl, beach lover, learned she doesn't belong on Earth. Re-adapting to Garla, the place of her birth, proved difficult, but the greater challenge was learning that she is the Heir-Empir and must confront her brother for the throne. Witnessing her only friend's murder, defending her own life with forbidden power, and succumbing to possession by her friend's soul left Lisen fractured, with little hope she'd ever recover. 

The story grows darker in Tainted with Lisen and her guardian companion, Korin, traveling to the great desert of Thristas. They hope to find safety in the anonymity of the barren wilderness, out of the range of Garlan spies. There, Lisen learns the ways of Thristas and its fierce people who view Garla's Empir as a tyrant. In an effort to prove their sincerity, Lisen and Korin participate in the Farii, the spring fertility ritual which changes everything for Lisen. She returns to Garla with a brilliant but damning plan that she believes will ensure her victory against her brother.

5.0 out of 5 stars Amaz-ballsDecember 23, 2013

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This review is from: Tainted (Lisen of Solsta Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
Reading this book has been one of this years highlights for me....I've had a pretty crappy year. :-P I don't have much time to myself, as most don't, but I looked forward to those little moment when I could just sit and read this beautiful story. ...Like when I'm warming my car. Should have just taken a few minutes, I'll sit and read a hour and a half later...I'm pretty sure my car is all sorts of warmed up and I'm still reading, wasting gas, but it's so worth it. LOL

Tainted is the second book in the Lisen of Solsta series, and by reading them in order you'll get all the amazing benefits of knowing each and every character that much better and appreciating their growth and all the subtle nuance. HOWEVER, Tainted is also a great stand alone novel. It has an easy flow and beautiful imagery. You'll find yourself sucked into the world Hart builds and expands around you. Her imagination is astonishing. For just one example: In this series the people of this world have pouches, like kangaroos. In the first book I thought that was an interesting change, but now in the second book it seems so fantastic a thing. I wish I had one! Could you imagine as a parent (male or female, since in this series both have pouches and can hold their child) touching, caressing, holding the miniature hand of your developing baby while their still growing inside you!? Like I said, Amaz-balls!

From the award-winning author of Fractured and Tainted comes Blooded, the finale to the Lisen of Solsta trilogy. After committing an act that terrifies her in its calculated coldness, and losing Korin, her valued companion, as a result, Lisen shuts down emotionally, allowing her to perform her duties as the Empir of Garla. But the arrival of a child, an abduction culminating in captivity and a drug called gryl provide Lisen with new insights, and faced with a civil war, she opens up to startling perceptions which offer a unique solution to the conflict. 

Will Korin relent and reveal the secret he’s kept from her? Will Lisen come to forgive herself for her self-perceived sins? Will she recover the sense of family support that she once felt on Earth? Will she ever feel anything but alone again? Or will the nightmare of reality overwhelm her as the story concludes in this final volume? In a story that brings traitors to justice and two opposing lands to an inevitable confrontation, Blooded completes the Lisen of Solsta trilogy.

5.0 out of 5 stars An Exciting FinaleJanuary 23, 2015

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This review is from: Blooded (Lisen of Solsta Book 3) (Kindle Edition)

The first thing I must say is that this book is a huge emotional roller-coaster. Sometimes I wanted to throw my phone, other times I had to stay up all night to read as much as I could.
In the previous books Lisen is stolen from Earth and has to struggle through a plethora of challenges until she is finally able take on her brother, who is the evil king of this new world, Garla. During her adventures she gives birth to a baby without her knowledge. Korin, the romantic interest from book one steals away the baby, keeping it secret because he doesn't agree with how Lisen won her throne from her brother. This is where Blooded begins. Lisen is queen, Korin is hiding her baby and not everyone is happy with the change in power.
Lisen has to master the political landscape of Garla, and she's doing a great job of it until an old enemy and a new one combine forces to take her out! Lisen is forced to embrace her psychic gift, which is not looked on fondly, in order to save her own life, but in saving herself she dooms her world to civil war. She's on one side, and Korin and her secret baby is on the other side. And both sides have only months to raise their armies, turning farmers into soldiers.
It's an exciting book to be sure!

Fifteen years after the One-Day War, Lisen, now Empir Ariannas, has developed into a just and capable leader. Together she and Korin have created a union of two souls based on respect, commitment and love, and their family has grown. In addition to Rinli, their daughter who made her first appearance in Blooded, two more children have joined the family, completing their complement of three complicated adolescents. 

Now the sixteen-year-out Rinli prepares to take on the mantle of Protector of Thristas, a title destined for her in the treaty that ended the war. The Empirs of Garla have carried this title for hundreds of years, and Lisen anticipates changes once she hands this single title on to Rinli at the girl’s investiture. But the prophesy of Mantar’s Child, upon which Lisen and Korin depended in the treaty negotiations fifteen years earlier, refuses to remain but a convenient myth, and with the advent of the fulfillment of the prophecy, an epic begins. 

Although Protector of Thristas includes the familiar faces and settings of the young adult Lisen of Solsta trilogy, it begins a new adventure for an older and often wiser Lisen and her allies. Looking at their world through their matured eyes, the book takes on the heroic tragedy that the trilogy could only hint at. Return to Garla. Enter its mystical environs for a new encounter with Lisen and her world’s gender-free culture. The adventure awaits.

5.0 out of 5 stars I just wanted to scream "Say I LOVE YOU!"June 11, 2016

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This review is from: Protector of Thristas: A Lisen of Solsta Novel (Kindle Edition)
I've read and loved the original Lisen of Solsta trilopgy. You should totally check them out! Fractured (Lisen of Solsta Book 1)
This book is a great continuation of that story. It's 15 years later and our main characters have all grown up and got married with children. Life is more complex and all the drama that we thought was solved after three grand novels, was actually just the beginning of the story. This book has a very steady pace, a thoughtful plot and a crazy dramatic ending that you don't really see coming. I'm glad to say that the characters that I've come to love over the previous three books are very well developed, but at times these very real, very flawed characters can be very frustrating, which is likely a testament to just how real they are. So many times I just wanted to scream "Say I LOVE YOU!" Those simple words could help so much....But people are stubborn.

If you buy this book, you will surely not regret it...but best to read them in order.