Thursday, August 18, 2016


Most of my reviews are fantastic, inspiring, critical but fair. I always thank my reviewers because they are so important to me. But this one review has been bothering me for years. I let it go because I think it's not classy to grill my reviewers for their opinions. However, today I noticed that it was my Top Review. It' s almost funny that the most popular review for Fatal Retribution is a two star review that is so not right...

Nice set up. Raina is the sistermof a very complicated family, Vampire uncle, half elf mother, necromancer brother, and a witch brother. Unfortunately, th eset up is all it has going for it. Raina is 21, but emotionally she is 14. All the characters act younger then they are. She spends most of the book crying and being saved. At the end she is transformed in to confident powerful person with no explaination. Just does not work.

*He thinks Raina's brother is a necromancer, NO! Where did he get that idea?
*He thinks a 21 year old girl should be the epitome of maturity...shakes head. Has he ever been 21. I was an emotional wreck...and BTW, I wrote this book at the age of 23, so I should know. 
*Raina Cried exactly 5 times in the worst week of her life:

1. Watches her brother die
2. Holds her younger brother's hand while he dies just hours later. She's covered in his blood!
3. Sees her older brother being tortured.
4. Her mother disowns her after a extremely traumatic near death experience.
5. Pulls a toddler out of a pile of dead bodies.

*He thinks a young woman having gone through hell could in no way become a stronger person?   "Just doesn't work" People don't just decide to stop getting shit kicked in their faces and stand up for themselves out of no where, no never. (that was absolute sarcasm, by the way)

What an idget, and so are all the people who thought that review was the least bit useful or helpful. I just don't get it. Why is this one the top reviews when it's so wrong? If it's people just wanting to support a bad review because of whatever, there are other, harsher reviews that are better written.