Saturday, April 27, 2013


It's been a good long while since I've written a blog because my world has been so crazy of late.  I'm nearing the end of Grave Omen, the 3rd Raina Kirkland novel and preparing for a mass marketing gig for the 1st Raina Kirkland novel, Fatal Retribution. ...However, I'm also dealing with other stuff unrelated to writing, but effecting it nonetheless. 

First off my husband broke his knee at work, so I took a second job to help keep us afloat while he heals up.  For the next three months I'm working everyday of the week, no days off whatsoever. This has slowed down the writing process a great deal but I'm still holding out hope that I'll meet my deadline, June 6th.

Then my mom and sister had a bit of a scuff and my sister moved in with me...which actually doesn't hurt anything save for my wallet.  She's a lovely kids and so very helpful. A real peach.

I always have huge fits of doubts and crazy depression when I'm about to finish a book.  Putting a book out there on Amazon or Barns and Nobel is a lot like stepping out of your house without any clothes on, knowing that there's a huge audience out there just waiting to see you and judge you.  And, they'll tell you just what they think of your nakedness too.  One hair out of place or a weirdly shaped birthmark, maybe one extra pound too many and you'll hear about it on a public forum where everyone else can read about your worth.  Are you worth their time and money to see?  It's scary and heady and so very nerve wracking.

People tell me often that I look anywhere between 13 and 20-something years old.  Perhaps I should thank not smoking cigarettes, not tanning, not eating much fast food and infrequent consumption of alcohol for that one.  But, I'll be 30 in November and right now I'm feeling the weight of my years. I guess this is my round about way of warning y'all that Grave Omen may be a tad late.  I have just over a month and while I am near the end of the book, I still need time to prepare it for readers who deserve a great product.

Also, a bit of news.  To celebrate Fatal Retribution's marketing gig next month it will be on sell.  I can't make it free like I can Mortal Sentry because it's also available through Barns and Nobel as well as many other places, unlike Mortal Sentry, which is only available through Kindle, but I can give it the lowest price I'm able to, $.99!  Starting May 1st, Fatal Retribution will be less than a dollar.