Saturday, July 2, 2016


I love all reviews. ALL OF THEM! Even the ones that point out my many flaws. LOL. They push me to better myself.
That being said, I can't possibly write with perfect grammar. Sorry you'al. Some of my flaws can be fixed with an editor's bloody red ink, (actual accidental errors) but I'd gather that a goodly bit of it is just my quirky diction, done 100% purposefully.
One lovely reviewer once said, I write like she thinks when she's sleepy. I love that. I spend 90% of my day half awake, so I guess I write like I write when I'm sleepy. Heck, I've had 3 hours of non-consecutive sleep since 7:00 AM Thursday morning, and it's Saturday!
It's just how I talk; double negatives, run on sentences, making with the words in such a way that people are like, "Wha? Das wurd," and whatnot...It's me. It might make a grammar Nazi cringe, but I cannot please everybody, or even most bodies.
...Why I always forget how to spell Nazi? I always want to say Notsy. Notsy, Notsy, Notsy LOL I'm tiUred...that's how I say tired when I tiUred....