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REVIEW> The Ghost at 1 Cheshill Lane

The Ghost at 1 Cheshill LaneThe Ghost at 1 Cheshill Lane by Marsha Gomes-Mckie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received this book from the Author in exchange for my honest review through the Goodreads group, Lovers of Paranormal (lop).

I rather enjoyed this story. A story about a Caribbean Island with two resident demons, and the people who got caught between their individual snares. But mostly it was about Theodore and Madgalene; a ghost of a man, cursed for 100 years, and a young woman who desperately needs to take control of her own life. For them love was a trap, a poison and ultimately the one thing that could save them both. I loved how the story flowed well, with strong writing and solid characters. I enjoyed the way the author brought out the individual characters and made them real. There were just a few typos, but they didn't distract from the journey. ^_^

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 Grave Omen is the 3rd book in the Paranormal Washington series. I feel as though some readers lose interest in the series after reading the 3rd book. I desperately need fresh eyes to read the book and let me know what you think

The first 5 people who request a free copy of Grave Omen in exchange for a simple review can choose to have the book emailed to them as a PDF or Mobi file. 

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy18+
Length: 434 pages
Synopsis - Living in a world of myths and legends, of supernatural beasts and gods, Raina Kirkland has spent the last eight months searching for the vampire whose blood runs through her veins, but her search for her maker is halted when she receives a call from an old friend.
Large sums of people are being kidnapped at random, stripped naked, caged and set on fire! The Ethereal Investigation Department calls on Raina and other bounty hunters for assistance.

However, between the case, a wedding, family drama and her newly found medical condition, Raina can't see the storm approaching until she's in the eye of it.
That awkward moment when you realize someone is trying to kill you.

"When love is not madness, it is not love."

~Pedro Calderon de la Barca

The reviews should be posted to Goodreads within a month of delivery, and if you're just that awesome, Amazon as well.

Please leave your email address and preferred format in the comments below. 

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So, November 17, 1983 at roughly 5:30pm my weird ass was brought into this world...head first. Yay (-_-) I'm 31 years old...blah.

I'll be moping about all day, but you don't have to. Picture yourself sitting on a comfy soda, hot coffee or tea in hand and a free book  Fatal Retribution is FREE!

    Raina Kirkland is a witch without magic and an elf without grace. She lives in a wondrous world that parallels our own in every way, save for one fantastic detail. Every story ever told, every monster, every god, every demon is spectacularly real! 
    Even so, Raina seems to live an unremarkable life up until the day her family falls victim to a spree of unauthorized vampire infections. Without government oversight humans are becoming terrorizing blood thirsty murderers all over the Pacific Northwest. 
    Raina is just coming into her own as a woman when she realizes the police can no longer be trusted to stop this unbelievably violent trend, and she engages in an amazing journey that brings her to her breaking point and beyond. 

“Revenge is an act of passion; vengeance of justice. Injuries are revenged; crimes are avenged.” 
~Samuel Johnson 

Warning: This book contains sex and violence. Suitable for mature readers only. 

Praise for Fatal Retribution: 

“Diana Graves cuts right to the chase as mysteries are solved, conspiracies unmasked and bad guys worthy of "Queen of the Damned," are brought to accounts and given the what for.” 

“I enjoyed this book; it has a twist on the usual paranormal/fantasy lifestyles. I managed to read it in one day because I didn't want to put it down.” 

“This was an excellent story. I am waiting for the continuation. This author tells a fantastic, engaging tale!”

You don't need a Kindle to read Kindle books! You can download a FREE APP on your phone, tablet and computer. 

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Vivian Delaney leads a life of privilege, but behind closed doors she feels isolated and trapped in a gilded cage. Unable to achieve sexual pleasure with her husband, she finds herself in the capable hands of Anton, a massage therapist intent on awakening her to her full sexual potential. By any means necessary.

Warning: This work has erotic content and is intended for a mature, adult audience.

My review
I'd first off like to thank Wicked Reads and the author, Kitty Thomas for letting me participate in this tour. I'd second off like to say that while I've read dark erotica before, I've never read the whole tie me up and spank me sort.  I like light bondage and harmless pain, biting, spanking, hair pulling, that sort of thing. But the degrading treatment these women get off on just made me ill. To me, there is nothing sexy about being abused under duress...being treated like a imputation child, a toy, an object, less than human and sex slave  all in one is not my cup of tea...

Personally, I would have called the cops and had all those men thrown in prison for ever laying a hand on me...But, it wasn't me, it was just a story. A very well written story. A story, I might add, that I read quickly. And even though much of it made me angry, I looked at my husband and truly appreciated him for not being like any of those men. I never want to be a slave, called a slut, forced to take it where it ought not be took, among other degrading and cruel treatment.

But I don't judge a book on if I'd do what the character did. I judge a book on the ride, on how well the writer takes me from my life and throws me in a world I'd never imaged. And Kitty did that. She weaved a story about a woman who wasn't happy. Her husband couldn't please her and she didn't know why. It was only when she was scared that her body finally responded, and that scared the hell out of her. She had a choice to make. Stay safe with her husband (safe but miserable) or give into her libido's true desires, no matter how unconventional, and follow the mysterious Anton down the rabbit hole and into a world of strict rules, pain, humiliation, cruelty like she'd never known...and pleasures beyond her wildest dreams. 

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Coming December 23rd, the much anticipated sequel to Guilty Pleasures...

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Check out Kitty's blog for more details and to watch the Broken Dolls Book Trailer.

Kitty Thomas writes dark literary erotica that explores dominance and submission. Not really classed as romance, though some readers see it that way. It's a case of your mileage may vary. Romance genre conventions and rules are not usually followed but some books could easily be classed as "erotic romance" such as Mafia Captive orTender Mercies.

Her latest work, Broken Dolls, is now available for pre-order. Official Release Date: December 23, 2014

This work is fiction and meant for an adult audience. The author does not endorse or condone any of the behavior carried out by characters in her stories

If you like Kitty's work and would be interested in hearing about new releases, you can subscribe via the Contact Form on her website.

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     Bad people...humans who rape and murder, abuse their fellow man and animals. These people and what they do is the reason I studied psychology in college. Four years of study and I still don't understand them. 
     Why do they do these things? Why would a man skin a cat alive for fun? What could possibly drive someone to rape a child? What on this Earth...I simply can not comprehend such cruelty. There is no logic,,,Yet, It's so prevalent throughout the world, in every country, in every town. It makes me question if we are indeed the same species at all... 

     How can people like me, and every other good person out there, be in anyway related to this madness? Every 5 seconds a child dies of starvation on a planet rich in food. Every 10 seconds an animal is abused or killed for no logical reason. Every 2 minutes a woman or child is raped....raped? Why? IDK! Every damn hour of every damn day someone commits and horrific hate crime: I don't like your religion, so I'll kill you, I don't like your country, so I'll torture you, I don't like your race, so I'll rape and beat you, I don't like you....Dude, why do you give a shit what or who that other person is? Eyes on your own plate, hater....

     ...If all the bad people vanished one day, if every sick minded, greedy loathsome person was just gone, just like that. That would be a GREAT day. That's why I think children starting in kindergarten and all throughout school should be taught ethics classes. Empathy is Hates natural enemy and it's only cure. Not prison, no rules and regulation, not threats. 

Heroes are made, not born and certainly not coerced...

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Yay! Another chance to not only gain exposure but more reviews for Mortal Sentry through Goodread's Lovers of Paranormal group.

Lovers of Paranormal discussion

Mortal Sentry
This topic is about Mortal Sentry
Read 2 Review > R2R {572} Mortal Sentry OPEN 

Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort  (CarrieBookFairy) | 2317 commentsMod
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Reminder- You can only have TWO R2R books out at a time!!

Returning Author
Title: Mortal Sentry
Book 1 also available
Author: Diana Graves
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy18+
Length: 351 pages
Synopsis - Parallel to our own, this world is one of magic and religion, of horrors and fantastic deeds. Enter Raina Kirkland, living vampire and all around supernatural mutt, she hides in her aunt's enchanted house from a demon that wants her dead. That is until she makes a deal with him. She has seven days to comply with his demands...but a lot can happen in a week.
Saturday: two master vampires ask for her undead loyalty, and two family crises' fall on her door step. Sunday: she dodges shady characters, discovers secrets from her past and rescues her brother from the torturous clutches of a demented man with connections to the monster mafia. Monday: makes the previous two days look like walks on the beach in comparison.

The first 20 of reviewers to sign up below leaving their email address will receive a free copy of this e-book Gifted via Amazon or PDF format for review. Don't forget to leave which format you need.
*Note you have two weeks to read and review. Please post your review on Goodreads AND one of the following Amazon, Barnes and Nobles or Smashwords as well as post a link to this thread in the comments section. Make sure review is at least 5 sentences.
If you don't finish book let me know and I will take you of the list of reviewers.
Must complete book in order to review.
PLEASE give me a few days to get your book to you. I try but, sometimes life gets in the way!
If you are wondering where your book is please message or email me.

REMEMBER to state the following I received this book in exchange for an honest review (LoP or Lovers of Paranormal)
The reason I am asking for this is to get some exposure for our group so please help out.

**It is ILLEGAL to share e-books. This copy is for your enjoyment and review only. Please respect the author's hard work!

If you are going to be late and needing more time I have set up a thread under the R2R folder. Here is link, this should make things easier for everyone.

Carrie (Book Fairy)
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Lovers of Paranormal 

If you wish to part take, press HERE, and join the group! Happy Reading. 

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Sorry I haven't posted in a couple weeks. A lot was going on!

  • I had some internet issues
  • I had some stomach issues
  • My best friend got married 
  • I threw a Halloween party
  • And I was busy formatting Deadly Encounters as a paperback...only to find out that the current covers didn't translate well from digital to hard copy, so I had to design new covers.



I like the new covers. The words you see are actual words and sentences from the books , so it gives you a real idea of what's inside.

Yup, I was definitely busy the past two weeks, and I'm still busy. I'm still researching and building the 5th and final Paranormal Washington book, I have a few more recipes for Twisted Recipes that I've done but haven't actually written yet. LOL.  I'm reading a couple books right now, one of them for a blog tour, and Mortal Sentry is on two promotions at once. One of them is Lovers of Paranormal's R2R and the other is a reduced price from $2.99 to $0.99 for the entire month of November!

And I'm supposed to find time to do the dishes? LOL