Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Okay, so just before I published Deadly Encounters, I changed all of the book covers because I didn't think my drawings were good enough...Books sales dropped dramatically after this. 

I wrote it off as seasonal budget stress, but recently changed Fatal Retribution's cover back to the drawing, just out of curiosity and the sales climbed back up again...so the drawings are back! Including a new Deadly Encounters cover, all in Red and Black.

Saturday, December 6, 2014


I'm always trying to reach more people with my books. I give them away for free all the time. I'm constantly contacting bloggers and asking for an honest review in exchange for a free book. Right now I'm running a promotion that blows my mind, so it better blow yours, too. LOL.

All 4 books are just .99 cents from the 5th till the 8ths....

I completely forgot that I scheduled this until just now! So, I'm a day behind....Silly. That just speaks to how busy I am, what with the holidays and normal stress of life...oh, yeah, and I'm writing the 5th and final Paranormal Washington book! Due out next Fall, 2015.  So why not buy all 4 books now for just under a dollar?

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Don't forget, All books need love, love in the form of REVIEWS! Please review Paranormal Washington if you have the time. ^_^

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Digging through some old files on my USB, I found this old Query letter I sent out near 5 years ago. Back then Fatal Retribution was Into Darkness and Mortal Sentry was, The Hunted...I kind of still like the old titles and the old description...

Date: 1.21.2010
PMA Literary & Film Management, Inc
Dear Kelly Skillen,

In a world of gods and monsters a young witch will give up everything to bring a man once blessed by the god Apollo to justice…her brand of justice.
Raina’s life has never been easy, being a bastard and a mixed breed always makes things harder. But when a man starts selling a deadly disease on the street as a cure-all her life takes a turn in a dark direction. The disease this man is selling is highly contagious. It will cure you. Yes . But it will also kill you.

Raina finds herself and her brothers at the mercy of the disease, but strangely it only kills them. Her beloved brothers’ lives lay in ruin amongst those of countless others, and she can no longer trust Seattle PD to bring the man responsible to justice.

In the end it’s up to Raina and those who would fight at her side to slay an immortal of ancient legend gone mad. She can not save those he’s wronged, but she can avenge them, she can stop him. Even if doing so changes her forever. Her family will forsake her, strangers will praise her, and ruthless men will take her in as a kindred spirit.

If you are seeking dark paranormal fantasy look no further. Considering all that I’ve read of you and your agency, I believe you are exactly the agent I want to have representing me in selling my first novel, INTO DARKNESS. The novel is complete at 130,000 words and I am interested in your evaluation of its commercial potential and any constructive criticisms you might offer.

Into Darkness is the first book in a series, I’m half way through the second novel, working title, THE HUNTED, and I have story ideas for at least three more books. I can email the completed manuscript or a portion of it at your request.

Thank you for your precious time and your consideration. I eagerly await your response.

Kind Regards,
Diana Graves
  Book 1 First Cover!
Fatal Retribution's first cover.