Thursday, February 23, 2017

I suck.

Disappointed but not surprised...
The Urban Unglued event in Tacoma, WA invited me to attend as a vendor and I was so excited. I was preparing my books for a big order and designing banners and business cards and getting my stupid website back up and running (which cost me $140) and putting a flame under my butt for the coloring book I'm creating...but then they gave away the spot that they'd offered because I suck.
I was waiting for them to send me an application through a message or something. Then I reread our correspondence and realized they wanted me to find the application on their Facebook page, which I found but wouldn't have been able to send it out until tonight, which is too late because I suck!!!

I'm feeling extremely discouraged altogether. I haven't sold a book in months and now I feel dumb and rejected...
What am I even doing? No one wants to read my books and 99% of those who do don't care enough to leave reviews to help me. 

This is an existential moments for me. Should I just give up?