Sunday, October 9, 2016


I have two novellas in the works.

The untitled, Zombie Book I've been playing with since 2013, about Erin; a single mom surviving a zombie apocalypse with her baby. She escaped a cult of evil sadistic humans and finds three super nerds living in an underground bunker with a British hotty and a kick ass grandma. Awesomeness, right! 

Read the first chapter HERE

And, The Artist. A woman named Carmen Cobb, who is addicted to information about criminal minds, specifically serial killers is attracting some rather dangerous attention as an artist who uses the human body as his medium, aims to impress her for romantic reason.

Read the first chapter HERE.

This should be fun. I'm aiming to have them both done by the end of the year, and since they are tiny books, only 100 pages or more, they will be priced as low as Amazon lets us go, .99 cents.