Sunday, March 26, 2017


I laugh sometimes when I think about all the stuff I like to do...Writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, acting, On top of being a wife, mother and working I feel very busy ALL THE TIME, even while I'm sleeping I feel very busy.

My day:

Wake up at 7:30AM
Get out of bed and pee NOW!
Wake up the kids!
Make breakfast!
Get kid off to school NOW, DO IT NOW! 
Walk the damn dog! What are you waiting for? Do it! 
Coddle with your baby. Don't waste time. He's fucking precious! 
Clean or write or draw or something. DO SOMETHING NOW!
Put the baby to sleep for his nap. 
OH SHIT! You fell asleep too! Damn it! 
Pick up your daughter, stupid! You're going to be late, go NOW! 
Make dinner now!!!! 
Bathe those fucking kids! 
Read a bedtime story, NOW!
Everyone is asleep, so stay up until 2AM writing and drawing or cleaning or something!

It all starts again at 7:30AM the next morning...unless it's Thursday-Saturday...I work nights and my schedule is fairly fucked. 

At least the stress is worth it.
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