Sunday, April 9, 2017

Fatal Retribution. Episode One

For years I've wanted to write Fatal Retribution, the first book in the Raina Kirkland series into a movie, but moves run only 2 hours long, meaning the script could only be about 180 pages...I was faced with the impossible task of cutting material out. I asked myself what Raina Kirkland side stories can be thrown away...Katie's story? Nicks? No, not Nick! Michael's probably. But that was not enough, nothing even was. I was at an impasse. I could not bring myself to take away from the story.

But as luck would have it has started seeking out new movie and series scripts!  I hadn't considered making Fatal Retribution into a TV series...But as I planned out each episode I quickly realized that a series approach didn't just mean I could keep the story intact, but that I could/needed to add to the story! 

As the books are written from Raina Kirkland's point of view, you never get to see what she doesn't see. As a reader you are only allowed to see the world through her eyes. But, since I have a whole season to fill, 12 episodes at least and each episode is 1 hour long, that means we are going to see so much more! 

Here is the outline for Episode One which includes the first 3 chapters on Fatal Retribution: Dead and Dying (I've highlighted the scenes that are in the book so you can see the awesome extra bits)

* It opens on Raphael bringing Alcestis back to life.  It's a shorter scene full of Shock and Awe meant to capture the audience before the opening musical number.
Act One:
* Opens to Mark selling Paul the altered vampire blood.
*That scene transitions to Raina at home talking to her dad on the phone and to her mom in the kitchen (in the book)
* Then we see Katie at home with Jed, Rachael and Michael. She overhears Michael is leaving for the weekend and begs him to take her with him.
* Then Raina is talking to Tristan on the phone about their plans and learns that Katie is coming along on their trip. (in  the book)
Act Two:
*At Paul's house he's turning into the undead.
*At Raina's house all her siblings are meeting up to go camping. Drop a couple drama bombs based on old mysterious family history and racial tension! (in the book)
*The siblings travel to Mount Rainier (in the book)
Act Three:
*Mark and his dad are arguing over him selling vampire blood and angering their all powerful ancient immortal ancestor, Admetus. 
*A couple living in Darkness, Washington (A Gothic Town on Mount Rainier that is ran by vampires) argue over their dog before going out to's missing.
*Paul eats their missing dog...then runs off into the woods to escape the town's lights.
Act Four:
*The siblings wake, have some more drama based on racial tensions, nice.  (in the book)
*Nick leaves the group to pee and smoke pot.
* Michael and Raina talk about deep family shit  (in the book)
* Paul attacks Nick!
* The family hear Nick's screams and run to the rescue, but Michael and Raina get hurt badly by Paul before Tristan kills him. Raina and Sibs have to watch Nick die. (in the book)

The end...

I would have just posted the entire episode here but it is 50 pages long! I've submitted the episode to are Evaluating it, but I've already started writing Episode 2, Dead not Dead. I don't know what I'm going to do if they reject my show...well, I do know. I'm going to hate myself, cry a bunch, take a month or two to recenter myself and keep on trucking...I really don't know what I'm going to do if the accept it!...What ever they tell me to do, I guess.