Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but my books do have a structural formula. The structure serves no purpose in the story telling other than to give me goals to meet to keep me focused. 

1. the books are near around 40 chapters. That's the goal, the light at the end of the tunnel.

2. Every book is one week, usually from Friday to Friday. This is because much of Raina's power is mental power, untapped mental power, and because of this her dreams are usually very vivid, as if she's awake. Making certain to count the days helps me keep track of the passing time...BUT, mostly it's because someone once told me that "a lot can happen in a week" when I was a child and that sounded clever to me. 

3. So...40 chapters, a week's length of time...What else, oh yeah, every book is cut up into four plot lines; family, lovers, mystery and main plot line. 

Fatal Retribution is 40 chapters long. It begins on Friday evening and ends Friday morning. Family: Raina's relationship with almost everyone in her family is strained to the breaking point. Lovers: There is a growing attraction between Raina and Mato. Mystery: It's a regular Who done it. Main Plot (series plot) That's the over shadowing story behind the story, and in the main book it's not exactly clear to the readers, but you know something is up. Why isn't Raina a full vampire? Who is Raina's father?

Mortal Sentry is 40 chapters long and has an Epilogue. It's Saturday to Saturday. Family: Raina reconciles with some people, is more distanced from others. Lovers: Raina and Mato seal the deal, but the deal goes south and Raina moves on. Mystery: who are all these dead people, and who the hell killed them? Main Plot: is becoming more clear as we get answers to Raina's past.

Grave Omen is 40 chapters long and has an additional chapter titled 666. It starts Thursday night and ends the following Thursday night.  Family: You see so much more of Raina's family in this book as they come to town from half way around the world for a wedding! Lovers: Raina's relationship with Damon is going strong... Mystery: Someone wants Raina dead, is it who they think it is, or is it who they don't think it is? Main Plot: again so much is learned about where Raina came from and why she is the way she is.
Deadly Encounters is planned to be 40 chapters. It starts on a Friday and will end on a Friday. Family: Some relationships heal, some people die. Lovers: some lovers live, others die. Mystery: The zombie Apocalypse is at hand, but who does Raina save, the humans or the zombies? The Main Plot: comes to a head as Raina faces her strongest foe yet, the god Apollo!